Electrolarynx Accessories

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Oral Adapter for Provox Electrolarynx
Product Code: 50445 Oral adapter to be used with Provox Electrolarynx. Contains 1 oral adapter..
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Product Code: S50450 White and Clear Tubes for Provox Electrolarynx. Contains 2 white and 2 cl..
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Rechargeable 9V High-Capacity Battery for legacy TruTone Plus
Product Code: S50439 For use with legacy TruTone Plus Electrolarynx Contains ..
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Rechargeable Lithium Battery for TruTone EMOTE or new TruTone Plus
Product Code: S50444 For use with new TruTone Plus and TruTone EMOTE Electrolarynx only. Conta..
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Servox® Oral Adapter with Tubes
Product Code: 20ZU1010 Servox Oral Adapter with Tubes contains 1 Adapter and 5 tubes. ..
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