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Forms and Insurance Information

The Atos Medical Insurance and Reimbursement Team is committed to helping you navigate through the process to make it as smooth and easy as possible, getting the most from your benefits. We will file claims for durable medical equipment (DME) orders. We are also working to get in-network with more and more insurance companies which can mean easier access to products and better reimbursement options for you! 

For an insurance claim to be filed, we need the following to be completed and returned to our office:

 Patient Service Form (completed and signed by you)
• Prescription Form (completed and signed by your physician/prescriber) Ask your doctor to send Clinical notes from your last clinical visit within the last year with each new prescription
• Copies of ALL health insurance cards

All of these forms can be found here on our Atos Medical website! The type of DME equipment ordered, laryngectomy supplies or jaw motion rehabilitation supplies, will determine which forms are to be completed.