Provox® Life™ Protect HME

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Provox® Life™ Protect HME

Product Code: 8313

Protect is not only an HME, it's a also a highly effective bacteria, virus, dust and pollen filter (HMEF).

  • Helps protect you from airborne particles (such as viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen) by effective filtration upon inspiration*
  • Protects those around you from airborned particles (such as viruses and bacteria) by effective filtration upon expiration*
  • An HMEF with comfortable breathing resistance
  • Reduces mucus production and coughing

Provox Life Protect HME contains 15pcs.

Non-sterile, for single use.

*Please note: Since pathogens can enter and leave the human body in other ways (such as the mouth, nose, and eyes) Provox® Life™ Protect HME can never guarantee complete protection. Protect HME filtration capacity may vary depending on the size, shape and speed of airborne particles. 

Unit of Measure 15 pcs