Provox® Life™ HMEs

The following Provox Life products are compatible with each other but NOT compatible with Provox HMEs and attachments.

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Provox® Life™ Home HME
Product Code: 8311 An everyday HME designed to improve your lung health when you are taking it e..
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Provox® Life™ Go HME
Product Code: 8310 An everyday HME design to make it easy to breathe when engaging in daily acti..
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Provox® Life™ Night HME
Product Code: 8262 A nighttime HME designed to reduce coughing and mucus production for more res..
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Provox® Life™ Energy HME
Product Code: 8312 An HME that provides good humidification and low breathing resistance when yo..
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Provox® Life™ Protect HME
Product Code: 8313 Protect is not only an HME but also a highly effective bacteria, virus, dust ..
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Provox® Life™ FreeHands HME
Product Code: 7440 An everyday HME that offers both the freedom to speak hands-free and with fin..
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Provox® Life™ Shower
Product Code: 8308 Protects the stoma from water when showering. Exchange your Provox Life ..
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