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Provox® Adhesive Strip™
Product Code: 8015 Designed to protect Provox Luna Adhesive while showering. Provox Adhesive S..
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Provox® Cleaning Towel
Product Code: 7244 Provox Cleaning Towels remove oil from the skin. They are alcohol-based and n..
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Provox® Skin Barrier
Product Code: 8011 These wipes leave a protective layer on your skin. Use them after cleaning yo..
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Provox® Adhesive Remover
Product Code: 8012 These wipes are designed to help you remove the adhesive residue left behind ..
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Skin Tac™ Wipe
Product Code: MS407W Skin Tac improves adhesion of appliances and tape to the skin. Also works a..
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Provox® Silicone Glue, 30 ml
Product Code: 7720 Provox Silicone Glue is a liquid glue for skin application that cures on cont..
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